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January 2014

The Truth About Your Dogs Food

Did anyone get the chance to watch 'The Truth About Your Dogs Food' on channel 5 tonight? We certainly did, and Autumn can't believe some of the things other dogs are eating out there! If you didn't get the chance to watch, we recommend trying to get it on catch up.

Reggie Loves Twisted Fish

Meet Reggie, the pug, he is one of our biggest fans! Reggie loves his twisted fish, and his mum takes regular delivery of our treats to their home in Manchester. Thanks for the photo Nat! If you have any photos of your furry friends enjoying our treats, please send them in! :)

Make A Healthy Start To The Year!

New Year, new you…but what about your dog? Our cod skins only contain 1.9g of fat per large 100g jar or refill bag! Super tasty and low in fat, what more could your best friend want? Get in touch to make your order, delivery available in the Bangor/Belfast areas and by post for further afield. [...]