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May 2015

Dogsbody NI Brings ATF To St. George’s Market

We’re very excited to announce that a selection of our treats are now available through Dogsbody NI at St. George's Market. They will be there today, and every other Saturday, so if you are in the Belfast area be sure to call in and stock up. Naomi can give you advice and guidance on all [...]

Cod Skins, Now Available In A New Size!

Our signature cod skin treats are now available in a new size. Visit our online shop for our full range of healthy fish skin dog treats!

Bailey’s Blog

Hey, I'm Bailey. I'm the reason that my mummy started making treats, because of all my allergies. I'm glad that you all like them too, even if it means less for me! I love going on adventures with my sisters and I've decided that I'm going to start writing my own blog (yes I am [...]