Hey, it’s Bailey again! Sorry for not introducing myself in my last blog, I was just soooo excited to get my Top 10 Dog Walks posted because walking…well, sprinting, is my favourite. I’m so glad you all liked it and hopefully I will be meeting lots of new friends when I go out to my favourite places!

So, I’m Bailey, I’m 4 years old, and my ‘Gotcha’ day is 17th February 2012. Mum also calls me other names, such as ’No’, ’Stopthat’, ‘Ahah’, ‘Bops’ and ‘Boppy’. I came from Donegal, the lady I lived with didn’t seem to understand my enthusiasm and zest for life and decided to give me up. I was sad and a bit nervous at the time but it worked out well for me as my new mum seemed really nice. She took me to a lovely seaside town called Bangor, to live with her and a new sister called Autumn, she’s the exactly same colour as me! At the start I’m not so sure Autumn understood my enthusiasm for life either but she adjusted to life with me pretty quickly. Since moving to Bangor, I got another new sister, she’s called Ollie and we took her under our paws pretty quickly, she’s the same colour as me too and we like to play bitey face together. Mum didn’t plan that we would all match in colour, it just happened.

When I was about one, my troubles really started, I began being sick, losing weight, going off my food, itching and licking my legs and belly until they bled. It was awful, but I couldn’t help it. After a lot of trips to see my vet, Peter at Cornerstone, and persistence by my mum, they found out that I was allergic to almost everything! As you can see its quite a list, I never do things by halves.



As a result of knowing all my allergies steps were taken to keep things under control, my beds were changed and a lot and my diet had to change too. My mum researched different foods, so I tried them as well as various diets to stop me from being sick and getting itchy. The food that works best for me is called Orijen, but one thing was missing, something that is so important to every dog, treats!

As I was so limited to what I could eat, my mum decided to make me some of my own special treats, fish ones – even better! Not only do they not upset my allergies but they have lots of health benefits too, but I only really care about one thing if I’m honest – the taste! You’ll never see a woofer move as quickly as I do when I hear my mum opening a jar of my favourite treats. My mum began giving my treats to her family and friend’s dogs, and soon they were coming back for more. They really took off and now it seems dogs everywhere are enjoying my fish skin treats. I especially love it when they send in photos of themselves eating my treats, and some even rip open the bags when their mums and dads aren’t looking! (I’ve been known to sneak things when my mums not looking too). My mum started taking my treats to stalls and markets, and I love that because I love to meet new people and I get new sniffs.

So that’s me in a nutshell, although my mum says she could write a book about me and my antics. I hope you come back soon and visit my blog and if you see me and my sisters out and about, be sure to say hello, and scratch my back because I love that too.

Until next time,

Bailey x