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May 2016

Mount Stewart

Hi guys! It’s Bailey again, back with another blog! I know, its been ages since my last one, but you can blame my mum, its not like I can type, have you seen the size of my paws?! She says she’s been super busy, but it’s not like I haven’t been up to much since [...]

September 2015

All About Me

Hey, it’s Bailey again! Sorry for not introducing myself in my last blog, I was just soooo excited to get my Top 10 Dog Walks posted because walking…well, sprinting, is my favourite. I’m so glad you all liked it and hopefully I will be meeting lots of new friends when I go out to my [...]

July 2015

Bailey’s Top 10 dog walks in North Down

Hi, its Bailey, here’s the first installment of my new ‘Lovin’ Life’ blog. I hope to be bringing you lots of stories of my adventures with my sisters Autumn and Ollie, as we love going to new places. Mum even got a new van for us to travel in so that should bode well for [...]