May 2016

Mount Stewart

Hi guys! It’s Bailey again, back with another blog! I know, its been ages since my last one, but you can blame my mum, its not like I can type, have you seen the size of my paws?! She says she’s been super busy, but it’s not like I haven’t been up to much since [...]

September 2015

All About Me

Hey, it’s Bailey again! Sorry for not introducing myself in my last blog, I was just soooo excited to get my Top 10 Dog Walks posted because walking…well, sprinting, is my favourite. I’m so glad you all liked it and hopefully I will be meeting lots of new friends when I go out to my [...]

July 2015

Bailey’s Top 10 dog walks in North Down

Hi, its Bailey, here’s the first installment of my new ‘Lovin’ Life’ blog. I hope to be bringing you lots of stories of my adventures with my sisters Autumn and Ollie, as we love going to new places. Mum even got a new van for us to travel in so that should bode well for [...]

Busy, Busy!

We have had a busy summer already and have been attending loads of events! Make sure and keep up to date with our events via Facebook, so you know exactly where to find ‘The Best Treats in Town!’. We always bring at least one dog with us, sometimes three! They love meeting new people and [...]

May 2015

Dogsbody NI Brings ATF To St. George’s Market

We’re very excited to announce that a selection of our treats are now available through Dogsbody NI at St. George's Market. They will be there today, and every other Saturday, so if you are in the Belfast area be sure to call in and stock up. Naomi can give you advice and guidance on all [...]

Cod Skins, Now Available In A New Size!

Our signature cod skin treats are now available in a new size. Visit our online shop for our full range of healthy fish skin dog treats!

Bailey’s Blog

Hey, I'm Bailey. I'm the reason that my mummy started making treats, because of all my allergies. I'm glad that you all like them too, even if it means less for me! I love going on adventures with my sisters and I've decided that I'm going to start writing my own blog (yes I am [...]

April 2015

New Dental Formula Treats!

Our first batch of cod, carrot & sweet potato hearts with a twist of 'Dental Formula' are ready. We get our dental formula from Ards Animal Health who mix the ingredients in the exact proportions specially for us. This formula works systemically - it goes into the blood stream and then through the saliva it [...]

March 2015

New ‘Super’ Treats

Our new 'super' treats are ready. They contain cod, carrot, sweet potato and 'super powders' with a variety of health benefits! Only £2.95 per bag. Click on the link to discover our different flavours and benefits. Great for dogs with allergies, sore joints or upset tummies! Check them out in our shop now! Our friend [...]

Ollie’s Excited About Our New Treats!

Ollie is getting excited as we have been in the kitchen working on band new treats, we’re very excited about them too and think they will be a big hit with all the pups. Keep an eye out to see what we’ve got up our sleeve! Here’s a little sneak peek!