Our story began in 2013 when we discovered one of our woofers, Bailey, had an extensive list of allergies, which included ingredients found in many dog foods and treats.  So, we set about making her some of her own special treats.  Her sisters loved them too, and we gave them to family and friends, and it wasn’t long before they were coming back to see if we had any more of those treats!

We started a Facebook page and began doing some local markets and fairs, and before we knew it, we were setting up our online shop and demand was growing.  So far our treats have travelled as far as Hong Kong and America, as well as all over Europe.

Our fish is sourced from EU waters, and the skins are slowly dehydrated to preserve and lock in all the goodness.

We have three full-time employees, resident chief taste testers, Autumn, Bailey and Ollie (you can read their profiles below), and we pay them in dog treats, a deal they seem pretty pleased with so far!



Breed:  Lab / Red setter cross

Age:  8

Favourite things:  Running, meeting new people and belly rubs…and treats

My story:  I was born in Donegal, but my old ‘family’ didn’t want to keep me…no idea why, so my mum came, picked me up and drove me to my new home and to meet my new sister, Autumn.  I have a lot of allergies but thankfully mum was able to get them under control.  I’m the reason mum made these treats, I hope your woofer enjoys them as much as we do!



Breed:  Lab / St. Bernard cross

Age:  8.5

Favourite things:  Going to the beach, swimming and exploring – usually where my mum can’t see what I’m up to.

My story:  My old ‘family’ didn’t want to keep me either as they were planning to have a baby…but I was just a baby too.  But it turned out for the best, mum came to get me and gave me a better home than I could have ever dreamed of!  I’m happy with my sisters and a constant supply of treats.



Breed:  Lab / Unknown cross

Age:  7 (ish)

Favourite things:  Eating, kisses and shouting at the postman.

My story:  I was abandoned and lived rough for a few days, and although some people tried to catch me, I didn’t trust them.  Then mum spotted me in the rain, I knew she just wanted to make me safe so I went over to her and she wrapped me in a towel and took me home to get warm.  Little did I know what I was in for – two new sisters!  That was over 4 years ago and I couldn’t be happier.